FPGA Processing

TSF5 FPGA Processing Cards have extreme performance and are capable of addressing a wide range of latency critical applications.  Both analog and digital I/O are available.



  • Real time signals monitoring with no loss of spectral content
  • Signal capture
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Hardware FFT Acceleration
  • Multichannel coherent data capture
  • High channel count digital tuner applications
  • Communication providers or owners of the spectrum may perform monitoring tasks to ensure proper operation of their systems or to troubleshoot interference problems
Full Spectrum Exploitation

TSF5's Archer is a 500 MHz True Real Time Spectrum Exploitation system providing over 20 software defined tuners for refined analysis and bandwidth resolutions for both COMINT and ELINT analysis.  Rackmount and Manportable form factors available.

Custom Engineering

We have experience developing custom systems and supporting the needs of the Intelligence Community for more than 50 years

  • Demonstrated ability to rapidly develop systems to meet customer requirements using industry standards for reduced cost and interchangeability for future operations or requirements
  • Agile design development while maintaining disciplined engineering practices for delivery of complex systems meeting customer requirements on schedule and within budget
  • Every employee of TSF5 has a long history of supporting customers with questions regarding installation, operation or possible troubleshooting and knows the importance of quick response to customer concerns