About Us

TSF5…a place of infinite possibilities. Infinite in that we have assembled here some of the brightest minds in the industry. Engineers spanning the full range of talent and skills required to satisfy nearly any requirement brought to us by our customers. Infinite, as there are no limits set here. If this team thinks it, we will make it a reality. This is the genesis of creativity and creation…having the freedom to dream.           

TSF5 member capabilities span the entire range of system specification, design, development, modeling, testing, simulation, fabrication, logistics support, software development, field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) firmware development, hardware design, environmental testing, field support, and training to provide a total solution for our customers.  We supply our customers with infinite possibilities.

TSF5 is the brainchild of seven former colleagues who were drawn together to form a more perfect company…that values its people, that is strongly committed to community involvement, and focused on developing cutting edge products needed by our war fighting and intelligence community customers.