TSF5 - Vision & Mission

VisionTo become the industry leader for products and service to the global Signals Intelligence Community.



Mission: Our mission is to become the nation's leading Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) products and services provider, serving the needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, as well as the militaries of friendly foreign governments. Because what we sell is excellence, we are prepared to exceed the customer's expectations in every way, providing world-class SIGINT products and services for a fair and equitable price.


Above all, the goals of the TSF5 are…

…to provide the safest and most reliable products to our customers,

…be a credit to the local community,

…and a place where our dedicated personnel can grow as professionals and prosper as human beings.


TSF5’s mission statement can be broken down into three basic undertakings;

  1. We aspire to be the industry standard for signals intelligence collection solutions.
  2. We accomplish this by growing phenomenal people and cutting edge technology.
  3. We are stewards and partners with our community.