TSF5 - Culture

TSF5 is rooted first and foremost in a collaborative culture with seamless partnerships between the academic and high technology industry.  TSF5’s operations, product development, technology insertion, as well as the company’s industry partners maintain focus on delivering cutting edge technology and intelligence collection tools, establish clear and realistic expectations, collectively develop an executable program, and assess organizational success using these same measures.


TSF5 encourages a pervasive culture across its broad continuum of efforts that fosters and rewards collaboration, smart risk taking, innovation, and invention. Our people are “Partners” and eagerly contribute good ideas to the organization, and when found with merit, TSF5 supports their implementation.  Our reward program recognizes those in TSF5 who most reflect this culture, and TSF5 rewards are meaningful and coveted.  This culture is underpinned by bold leadership and the necessary organizational structures, policies, and processes to sustain and expand the culture.  In addition, TSF5 has institutionalized a culture that encourages people to ask the question, “what value added is this product/process?”; and then seizes opportunities to divest, and knows when to say "no".


Our Motto…infinite possibilities.

In every great organization there is a “battle cry” that defines the “essence” of its members, vision, mission, culture and values.  It has to be simple, yet bold and inspiring so that both the members of TSF5 and its customers understand immediately who we are.  TSF5 from its very beginning is postured and structured as a great organization and its motto spells out the bottom line of what we do.


Our Symbol…TSF5, underscored by our motto, and encircled by an infinity mark symbolizes both our disciplined approach to technology development through proven engineering processes as well as our stated goal to improve and enhance the capabilities and capacity of our customers.