The Core


CORE COMPETENCIES: Leadership, Engineering Excellence, Flawless Program Execution, Innovation

Core Competencies define the strengths of the company. They are, in the simplest terms, what TSF5 will bring to the fight. Each is dependent on a number of variables, from skills brought into the organization by its personnel to technology leveraged throughout the organization. It is the culmination of all facets of TSF5.

Core Competencies shape and guide TSF5’s flight path for the future. TSF5’s workforce consists of the optimal mix and quantity of innovative, technical, management, and leadership expertise to ensure the rapid delivery of world-class technology, customer satisfaction, and mission solutions. The company invests in state-of-the-art equipment, education, and mentoring to keep the skills of its personnel at the cutting edge. Its organizational structure is flexible enough to react to emerging industry requirements with the drive and courage to realign resources quickly as needed. TSF5 has institutionalized an ongoing process to forecast its competency requirements to ensure it anticipates and stays in front of changes in the technological environment. The company aggressively recruits and retains the best and brightest people for its workforce.


An individual must know their destiny…if they don’t recognize it, then they are lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most three times, fate will reach out and tap them on the shoulder…if they have the imagination, the individual will turn around and fate will point out to them what fork in the road they should take, and if they have the guts, they will take it.

                                                                                                        General George S. Patton

Leadership is a calling, plain and simple. Any fool can point to the horizon and tell them that may follow to “go there”…but it is the leader that inspires in the follower a sense of purpose, invigorated by a sense of trust, to run to the horizon…and not plod there without enthusiasm.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering excellence is not simply following established engineering protocols, but more a desire by every engineer to provide their very best to our important customers on every task.  Engineers with the passion for developing technologies that surpass customer requirements and bridge into the wow exclamation when a product or service is delivered.  This is the essence of engineering excellence.

Flawless Program Execution

Ensuring customer requirements are met on time and within budget is only the beginning of program execution.  It comes down to a commitment from the organization for empowering the program manager so that their efforts have the greatest impact on program performance.  Discipline too is an important component of this competency.  Programs are like a herd of sheep, something that can quickly get away from you if great care and attention is not given.

Innovation The life blood of TSF5. The founders of TSF5 are experts in the respective fields. Their focus is that of innovation and risk taking balanced on sound decision making principles. All members of the TSF5 team are expected to reflect this driving force within themselves and all of their efforts for the company.

CORE VALUES: Integrity...Tenacity...Excellence...

These core values reflect our moral compass in how we approach our job, how we produce our products, how we treat our customers and how we treat each other.

The Core Values are much more than minimum standards. They remind us what it takes to get the TSF5 mission done. They inspire us to do our very best at all times. They are essential ingredients that combine together and form our creditability within the industry.


Integrity is a character trait. It is the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking. It is the inner voice; the voice of self-control; the basis for the trust imperative on the TSF5 team. 


Tenacity tells us that professional duties take precedence over personal desires. WE GET THE JOB DONE AND GET IT DONE ON TIME... EVERYTIME!


Excellence directs us to develop a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation that will propel the TSF5 legacy into a long-term, upward spiral of accomplishment and performance.