Engineering Services

FPGA design and development

Latest Xilinx & Altera FPGA families

VHDL design and test bench

Matlab SIMULINK modeling

DSP functions

Digital down converters, filters, Data rate conversion, FFT

Experts at meeting timing with dense and high clock rate FPGA designs

High throughput real time data processing

High resolution event time tagging and time tag manipulation


10 Gigabit Ethernet hardware and packet formats

Designs with SDDS, Vita 49

PCIe Gen 1 & 2, LVDS, cPCI, PXI, VME, USB


Analog to digital design

Multi Giga-sample wide band A/D

Mid-band high resolution 16 bit A/D

Custom system design

High reliability design and analysis

Data collection

Communications interfaces

Digital signal processors

Software design and development

Linux driver development

Object Oriented development with C++, Java, and Python

System architecture modeling with UML

Multi-threaded and real-time applications

TCP/IP, UDP, and IP Multicast network systems

SOAP web services

X-Midas device integration, primitive and GUI development

DSP modeling and testing with Matlab, octave, and X-Midas

Follow engineering best practices including coding standards, requirements traceability, unit testing, and peer reviews