TSF5 Archer.pdf

TSF5 combines industry leading components to produce the Archer real-time spectral analysis system. At the heart of the system is the TSF5 Hunter PCIe card. It provides the analog input and the digital signal processing power required to keep up with the huge amounts of data produced by its ultra wideband 12-bit ADC. The 3dB Labs Sceptre application provides an intuitive human interface and a wealth of additional backend processing features. The hardware and software can be housed in a rugged portable system or a stationary rack-mount server, depending on customer requirements. Archer provides a computing system that takes advantage of the 3dB Labs Sceptre software package and the wide bandwidth data transferred to host.


The Archer is controlled with the powerful and intuitive Sceptre signal processing suite offered by 3dB Labs. The Sceptre suite not only controls the Hunter PCIe card and all of its features, it also controls several COTs receivers making the Archer a truly integrated turnkey product.