Hunter 1000


Hunter 1000 Data Sheet

The Model 1000 is a member of the Hunter family of products. The Hunter product line is a modular system using the latest in ultra-high speed interface technology. A multichannel, high-speed data converter, it is suitable for processing HF or IF data streams for communications (COMINT) or radar (ELINT) intelligence exploitation. Its built in data capture features offer an ideal turnkey solution as well as a platform for developing and deploying custom FPGA processing IP. In addition to supporting PCI Express Gen3 as a native interface, the Hunter includes a QSFP+ interface for 40-Gig Ethernet as well as two industry standard FMC processing sites for flexible modularity to serve any customer need.


The modular design of the Hunter allows for an inexpensive solution to many of today’s SIGINT mission requirements. The Hunter can process and transfer raw and FFT data from the Single/Dual ADC input simultaneously. The 12 bit 3.2 GSPS ADC allows for higher resolution signal exploitation with an analog bandwidth of 2.8 GHz, a much needed capability supporting the intelligence community mission.


This card also provides greater than 500 MHz instantaneous bandwidth of real data for exploitation of challenging modern signals of interest.


In addition to its industry leading SIGINT capabilities, the Hunter when loaded with the TSF5 Hornbow algorithm becomes an extraordinarily powerful co-processor, providing a wide range of capabilities to process in real time datasets and mathematically intensive applications that traditionally takes hours to complete using standard microprocessor technology.


The Hunter’s wide bandwidth data ports and processing power are well suited to address many computationally intensive processes. Financial calculations such as a Monte Carlo simulation can be performed 200x times faster than a typical simulation run in software on Intel processors and several times faster than GPU approaches with 1/8th the power consumption.